RayRay (silver_youko) wrote in ctlolita,

Attention CT Lolitas!

I think its about time

Sunday, November 11th!
Mystic, CT

You are invited to Mystic Aquarium for an afternoon of frillies and fish. Afterwards, we'll be heading over to Old Mystic Village for some shopping, photos, and food. Sound good? You know you want to come.

Time: Meet at the front gates of the aquarium at 1pm
Cost: Admission to the aquarium is $22 for adults, and $17 for anyone 17 or under. Other costs depend on your own spending.

Yes, its a bit short notice, but I thought it would be nice to go before it got especially cold. Plus it means less crowding at the aquarium! Really, its just because I wanted a meetup before I went away for a little while xP

Please feel free to voice your opinions or questions and speak up if you think you'll be coming!

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I was wondering if you were gonna get around to posting this here :P
If you missed my hints, I'll totally be there. In fact, I'll be with you before we're there. Eerie!
Anyways, I checked the hours of Mystic Village and they're open till 5 on Sundays. 3 hours is probably more than enough time for aquarium + ye olde spirit, but maybe we should make it 1:00 just in case?
Its cuz Caroline never got back to me, so I decided to go on ahead. I was thinking 1 might be better too.. (that's why I left that note up there. Mwahaha I r crafty)
And now I have to get off work that day xP
I would be interested in going. I may bring a friend that is just starting to get into lolita too. I have to double check to see that I can get the day off of work so I'll let you know for sure in a few days.
I talked to my mom and it all looks good. I'll be bringing my sister along if I go.