fuzzygreenbird (fuzzygreenbird) wrote in ctlolita,

Intro / Lolita Meet-Up

(This is also posted on Ct on the frills)

Hi, just want to post up a short intro, seeing that I seem to have come out of nowhere. I haven’t been on LJ in years and my profile seemed to have disappeared o_O (this is a new one) Hi I'm Angelina and I'm a Lolita out of Enfield, Ct I've been in to Lolita since 2002, more info on profile (once resurrected) I don't have any friends in to Lolita, so I decided on finding some, hence stumbling across this community ^o^ So again, Hi everyone!!

I had taken notice of the last post on trying to possibly have a Meet up, I personally have never attended one (sad, I know) then alone hosted one, But I couldn't help but suggest the Connecticut Renaissance Faire( http://www.ctfaire.com ). I don't know if that is Lolita-ish per se, but I think it would be most entertaining to see a flock of cute and adorable girls in frilly dress walking among the renaissance peasant folk. I'm curious to know how everyone feels about this. ^_^
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