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ctlolita's Journal

Connecticut Gothic Lolitas
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Welcome to Connecticut's Gothic Lolita Community

This community was made for lolitas and fans of elegant gothic lolita to talk about things that concern egl, such as sewing, egl meetups, anime conventions, jrock, et cetera. We encourage you post pictures of just about everything, but only post one picture and then put the rest behind an lj-cut, please. Hopefully, if we get enough members, an egl meetup will be setup somewhere in the central Connecticut area, because..well, theres never EGL meetups in Connecticut. So, join, have fun, share you tips, et cetera. <3

Community Administrator: Sarai nekurofiria
(Looking for a mod as I have moved out of Connecticut)

Websites/brands that ship to the US: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright!, Candy Fruit, Cosmates, Kazuko Ogawa, Metamorphose.

Other communities to check out:
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